How Was Roots&Talks Born?

My childhood unfolded on the vibrant streets of Hatay, a city where diverse cultures intertwine. Here, my fascination with language and culture took root early on. The trials of my father's coma following a traffic accident and my mother's battle with cancer taught me the fragility of life and the critical importance of staying connected to our roots from a young age.

Years later, stepping into motherhood, I faced new realities. I nurtured my daughters, instilling in them a profound connection to our family and roots. Yet, as they mastered their mother tongue and embarked on learning a foreign language, I noticed their struggles stemming from a lack of child-centric teaching methods. My dual role as a mother and a preschool teacher revealed to me the urgent need for specialized language teaching techniques tailored for children.

Compelled to make a difference, I delved into how children learn best. The answer was clear and simple: through play and enjoyment. To bridge the gap in specialized language education for children, I broadened my scope beyond preschool teaching to encompass foreign language education. I advanced my skills with a master's degree in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language and a doctorate in Education Sciences and Management, subsequently developing my unique language teaching techniques. These methods have since empowered children worldwide to learn Turkish in a manner that's both fun and engaging.

My tailored Turkish lessons for kids quickly soared in popularity, spreading rapidly by word of mouth. As I spent up to 12 hours a day teaching, I reached my capacity, unable to accept more students amid increasing demand. Each new request I had to decline weighed heavily on my heart, deeply saddening me to think of all the eager young learners I couldn't assist. This emotional realization led to the birth of Roots&Talks in 2021—a sincere answer to a pressing need. Now, at Roots&Talks, our exceptional teachers employ these innovative methods, turning Turkish learning into a captivating and enjoyable journey for children in 104 different countries.

Yet, at Roots&Talks, language teaching is more than just a tool; it's a gateway. Our primary aim is to aid children in discovering their own identities and roots. To achieve this, we also immerse them in traditional games, music, dances, cities, cuisines, and the works of famous thinkers and artists.

Surviving the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Hatay on February 6, 2023, reaffirmed to me the profound importance of holding tightly to our roots and valuing our loved ones. This event has further solidified both my personal mission and the ethos of Roots&Talks.

I am Gamze Beyaz.

I am a carrier of language and culture, a protector of identities and roots. Roots&Talks is a chapter in this ongoing story, written to aid every child in finding their voice and expressing themselves. 

Where do you see yourself in this narrative?

Gamze BEYAZ  
Founder, CEO  
October '23 - Hatay